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 Meri Kahani Meri Kahani mp3 songs download




Meri Kahani

Meri Kahani is the third album by Pakistani pop/rock singer Atif Aslam. The album was officially released on 8th January, 2008. It was reported to be leaked on the Internet before release. Like his earlier albums, this one also got a huge response and is the best-selling album in Pakistan at this moment. The album has a total 12 tracks.

Atif Aslam avowal of the commercial influence on his previous album, Doorie, led him into making an album to authenticate his status as a rock musician and not just a backup vocalist for Bollywood movies. The songs of “Meri Kahan (Hungami Halat)” cover a broad band of aspects of life such as spiritualism, politics, and love.

 Jal Pari Jal Pari mp3 songs download





Jal Pari is a music album released on July 20, 2004 by Pakistani pop singer, Atif Aslam. It is his first solo album after he left the Pakistani rock group, Jal. Two of his songs from the album were brought for Bollywood film directors. Three songs have also been selected for a Hollywod movie Man Push Cart.

 Doori Doori Mp3 Songs Download




Doorie 2006, is the latest album by Atif Aslam. This album has been produced by Sachin Mithoon and Atif. All the recordings were done in Mumbai.


 Hungami HalaatDownload Hungami Halaat MP3 Songs





Hungami Halat is the latest rock album planned to be released in 2007 by the Pakistani vocalist, Atif Aslam. Atif Aslam proclaims that “Hungami Halat” is the manifestation of the same facet of his music seen in his first album, Jal Pari.

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